Stripe is a payment processing platform that is used by millions of companies all over the world such as Monzo, Booking.com and Deliveroo to name just a few examples. We have partnered with them to ensure fast, secure and easy experience when it comes to gifting and receiving funds.

As soon as you create your first crowdfunding gift, you will be prompted to set up an account with Stripe. This will enable you to retrieve the funds quickly and securely as and when you wish.

How do I create a Stripe account?
From the menu click on Payment and then Update Stripe details to follow their registration instructions.

Why am I being asked so many questions?
Stripe needs to verify your identity when you set up an account. On some occasions, they may ask you for more information after the set up and will be in touch with you directly.

Is my money secure with Stripe?
Absolutely, Stripe is one of the world's leading payment processing providers. We won't have access to your card details and won't be able to access your funds.