Gift better together

Invite friends and family to pool their gift contributions online, funding gifts and experiences that your child really needs. Less hassle. Less waste. More meaning every time.

Kids gifting that makes dreams come true

There's only so much joy you can muster when gifting on a budget, but the potential is limitless when friends and family pool their pounds. Parents are able to recommend anything from experiences to charitable donations and physical presents, meaning party gifts are finally worth celebrating.

The hassle free way to gift well

Kids parties seem to come around all too often. And with each party needing a unique gift idea that doesn’t break the bank, it’s no wonder that gift givers resort to the usual plastic suspects. Now meaningful gifting is only a few taps away. Friends and family are invited to your kids online gift pot where contribution can be made anytime, anywhere.

A more sustainable way to give

No more duplicated presents, no more gifts gathering dust or worse still, ending up in landfill. Now parents can choose the best use of gifted money. Minimising waste and maximising excitement.

How it works

Create a profile
for your child

Create a gift pot

Connect to your
bank account

Invite family and friends and tell
them about the special
occasion behind the gift

Receive money in
the designated bank


2% on all monetary

+ partner fees